Cocaine Addiction Information
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babyCrack cocaine is one of the most powerful and dangerous drugs that ever hit American cities. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, crack cocaine reached the status of an epidemic in America. It was a cheap and easy-to-purchase drug that you could find in any inner-city area. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were getting hooked on this more powerful version of cocaine, and it was ruining the lives of millions.

One of the victims of this epidemic were the unborn children of women abusing crack. A study in 1989 found that one in six newborns at city hospitals in Philadelphia had mothers that were using crack cocaine. When the children were born, they had smaller heads and were prone to dozens of health problems. These children were dubbed “crack babies” by the press.

Starting Life Off on the Wrong Foot

While studies have shown that children affected by crack cocaine can come back from this early impediment to their wellbeing, this is not the way that anyone should have to start their lives. Mothers that use drugs while they are pregnant are seriously putting the health of their unborn babies at risk. In addition to causing their babies to be malformed and sick at birth, they actually run the risk of turning their babies into addicts, too.

Many babies that are born to addicted mothers start out life actually having bodies that are addicted to the same substances as their mothers. This is because the baby was essentially taking the drug while it was in the womb. Unborn children share all of the mother’s nutrients through the umbilical cord. When drugs enter the bloodstream, they go right into the baby’s body and can start damaging that baby’s developing body and mind.

Opiates are one category of drug that can cause an especially large amount of harm. With opiate prescription painkillers currently holding the position of the fastest growing form of drug abuse in America, thousands of babies are being born with an opiate addiction that doctors can barely manage. These babies go into withdrawal within hours of being born, and they are wracked with pain at the very start of their lives. The doctors that work with these newborns report that it is an excruciating experience to have to watch a baby go through so much pain because of the actions of its mother.

Crack Cocaine Can Still Harm

Cocaine and crack are both not nearly as popular now as they were in the late 80s and early 90s, but these are both still powerful drugs that should not be taken lightly. Both drugs are still present in our communities, even if they are no longer at the epidemic level. Inner cities are still especially in danger, as these are the main hubs in which drug producers and drug sellers look for customers.

In order to keep inner cities (and the rest of America) safe, it’s vital that the public not forget how powerful and deadly these drugs are. Drug education campaigns need to continue including crack as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. Teenagers need to understand that they have to stay away from this menace. If young women start using the drug before they get pregnant, there is a very good chance that addiction could set in and that they could ruin the life of a child.

If you know someone that is using crack cocaine or any other form of drug, talk to Narconon Arrowhead to find out what you can do to get him into a rehab center and starting to improve his life.