Cocaine Addiction Information
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While many people are aware that cocaine abuse can lead to an overdose or addiction, many do not know about the host of other dangers possible with its use.  The majority of cocaine users insufflates, or snorts the drug up their nose.  With the nose as the primary point of intake for the drug, physical damage can result from its use.  The thin layer of tissue between the two nostrils is known as the “septum”, and it can actually dissolve from long-term cocaine abuse.  Other nasal problems can include frequent nosebleeds, bloody mucus, and heavy congestion.  In addition, a person’s sense of smell can be impaired, as well as a frequently runny nose.

Heart problems are also a concern.  Cocaine speeds up one’s heart rate, and as a result, their pulse and blood pressure is also raised.  Constant stress on the heart and the circulatory system can cause a stroke, or even a heart attack.  The supply of blood to the brain can also be slowed or even stopped.  In extreme cases, death can occur.  This is usually attributed to bleeding in the brain, stroke, or heart attack.  Other dangers can occur when a person mixes cocaine is taken along with other drugs.  There is considerable risk when cocaine or alcohol is mixed together.  While cocaine is a stimulant, alcohol is a depressant.  When the two substances are mixed, the drugs tend to compound one another.  While this can result in a stronger “high”, the risk of overdose and organ damage is increased.  The biggest danger is when cocaine and heroin are mixed together.  This is called a “speedball”.  This one of the most dangerous combinations out there currently, and overdose and death are common.

Cocaine abuse is a serious problem in many parts of the globe.  The risk of dangerous side effects is high and it just is not worth it.  There a many different treatment options for cocaine abuse.  Please call (800) 468-6933 if you or someone you know needs help with cocaine abuse.  They can help you find the right option for your specific situation.