Cocaine Addiction Information
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Approximately 70% of Narconon Arrowhead clients remaindrug-free permanently

  • Narconon Arrowhead is a non-traditional drug rehabilitation treatment center. Originally founded in 1966, the Narconon network has evolved into a planetary force helping to stop drug addiction in its tracks.

  • The Narconon┬« drug rehabilitation program is a non-profit, public benefit program based on the works of American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

  • People who come to the program have a wide variety of religious beliefs. Provision is made for students to attend worship services during their program.

  • Narconon Arrowhead specializes in cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, methamphetamine addiction, alcoholism and methadone addiction. The Narconon program works equally well for most addictions.

  • Narconon Arrowhead has over 100 years of collective experience in treating drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism. The Narconon advisory board and executive staff who oversee our program as well as the staff who deliver the program are of the highest caliber and are resolved to end the drug problem.

  • The Narconon program is an effective alternative to the traditional 12-step treatment model, which many addicts do not respond to successfully. Narconon Arrowhead’s program, with a success rate of approximately 70%, provides a proven, workable solution for such people.

  • The Narconon program offers a drug-free approach to treatment that works and helps a person leave drugs and the life style associated with drugs behind them.