Cocaine Addiction Information
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crackSandra was, by all accounts, a lost cause. She was in the grip of drug and alcohol abuse. She began using drugs at age 19. Her family had just about given up on her, she couldn’t stay on a job for longer than a paycheck, she would stay up late at night drinking and using drugs, and could not keep any of her relationships. Her life was in shambles. She got into the Narconon program after 27 years of drug and alcohol use. Yes, you read that right. 27 years. She spoke about how she overcame drugs with the Narconon program:

“The most effective part of the program for me was getting out of the past. I stayed in the past all the time and when I went through that part of the program it just woke me up by saying things different. I mean, it was just so real to me, I really enjoyed that part of the program and it changed me.”

The Narconon program helps addicts get over their drug problem utilizing various steps. The program gets the addict out of blaming their surroundings and focuses on them. Through Narconon, they will learn to trust themselves again, discover the freedom from the guilt of the past that has brought down the good moments of life and enjoy it once again, release their bodies from the cravings and urges to use drugs and be free once again. With Narconon, a person will earn the respect of their families and friends, and face life with vigor and determination. Sandra was on the way out, and after her extensive use, no one thought they could help her. Narconon helped her.

“Finishing the Narconon program has been wonderful for me. Bringing me out the past, I have my family back, I have my self back, and those things I’ve always strived for in my life. And just to be aware of just the different things that’s happening with me…I’m free, I don’t have to do drugs anymore and I realize that now. I used to always think I was always going to have to be drinking or drugging.”

Narconon’s Purpose

Why don’t addicts seek help? Guilt, fear, laziness, the grip of drugs, the reasons are aplenty. Some of their family and friends might even think the use has been going on for so long that they are a lost cause; nothing can help them. No one is a lost cause; there is always hope for someone. Narconon is that beacon. With 46 years of experience helping addicts on the road to recovery, and a 70 percent success rate, Narconon has become one of the top rated rehabilitation programs in the field.

Reviews of Narconon

Narconon has helped thousands get their lives back. The programs implemented at the facilities help break the drug’s control over their lives and gives the control back to the person. Those who complete the program are truly free from their addictions.

I have completed the Narconon program.  I feel wonderful.  I have full control of myself.  I am more confident and self-motivated than I have ever been in my life. I have such relief and I am no longer hiding from life, but confronting it.” C.H.

Get involved with Narconon and get your life back the way you want it to be, without the pressure of drugs. The road is never easy – fighting an addiction – but with the programs at Narconon, the relief will be worth the fight. And then, do what you’ve always wanted to do. Live your life!


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