Cocaine Addiction Information
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heartCocaine isn’t produced in America, but it has always been one of the most popular drugs in our country. It has an almost romantic reputation after being a central plot point of many famous movies. While it’s used in high quantities and famous throughout the United States, it’s also one of the most dangerous drugs you could consider trying.

Cocaine is usually administered to the body by snorting it into your nasal cavity or mixing it with water and injecting it directly into your veins. Both of these methods help the drug enter your bloodstream quickly and hit your brain with force.

It’s a stimulant, so cocaine users use the drug to give themselves energy and to feel a false sense of euphoria. Models and celebrities are famous consumers of the drug because it can make you feel like partying. The fact that it can be incredibly expensive also lends it an aura of popularity and exclusivity that young people crave.

What cocaine users don’t always realize is that the drug is incredibly destructive and can damage almost every part of the body. Not only can the drug damage your brain and lungs, it can also hurt the organ that keeps blood pumping through your entire body – your heart.

How Cocaine Hurts the Heart

Cocaine attacks the heart in several ways. First, it can begin constricting your blood vessels. This makes it harder for life-sustaining oxygen to make its way through your body to all the cells that need it. Since your body isn’t getting the oxygen it needs, your heart will start working harder and pumping more strongly to get more blood moving through your body. All by itself, the heart beating faster and harder through constricted blood vessels has the potential of causing catastrophic damage somewhere along the way. In other words, cocaine can actually cause your blood vessels to burst.

When this happens in the brain, it’s called a stroke. Strokes are some of the most devastating bodily injuries, as a broken blood vessel there can lead to a loss of control of your entire body. When blood vessels break elsewhere in the body, such as near the heart, you can actually have a heart attack and go into cardiac arrest.

Long-time users are at greater risk for having these incredible levels of damage, but even first-time users have been known to suddenly die from cocaine. That’s because there really is no “safe” amount of the drug. It’s a toxic substance to the body and any amount can cause irreversible destruction.

Getting Off of Cocaine

Cocaine tricks your body and mind into addiction by stimulating the areas of the brain that tell you that you’re doing something pleasurable. Just like good food or a backrub can make you fill up with happiness, cocaine tells your brain that you’re doing something fun. A cocaine user’s body and mind can get hooked on this feeling and want to come back to it again and again, even as the drug is tearing the body apart.

Cocaine is a tough drug to quit, so it’s rare that an addict can just decide not to take it anymore and be done with it. In most cases, cocaine addicts need to seek professional drug rehab treatment in order to get off the drug and to stay sober. If you’re currently hooked on cocaine or no someone else that is, don’t get caught up in how “fun” the drug is. Talk to Narconon Arrowhead today about receiving treatment to come off this deadly drug. Your heart will thank you.