Cocaine Addiction Information
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detoxIf you have completed a 12-step program and then relapsed, most often it it is because you never fully handled the cause of the drug and/or alcohol cravings.
This detoxification program eliminates drug and alcohol cravings once and for all. The effects of drugs and toxic residues can send your whole life crashing.

These substances put you in a condition which not only prohibits and destroys your physical health, but prevents any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.

The goal of drug detox is to rid the body of toxins accumulated by drug use. The first step of drug detox is drug withdrawal. Drug withdrawal is “the act or process of ceasing to use an addictive drug.” Once an individual has discontinued using drugs physical and behavioral withdrawal symptoms may follow. The character and severity of the withdrawal symptoms vary greatly depending on the particular drug and amount administered daily. Drug detox is a process that helps diminish the uncomfortable symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Drug detox is performed in many different ways depending on where you decide to receive treatment. Most drug detox centers simply provide treatment to avoid physical withdrawal to alcohol & other drugs.

Our purpose is not only to provide the individual with counseling during detox but to help with the physical withdrawal and the psychological root cause of the individuals addiction problem, so as to decrease the chances of relapse.

Our drug detox method is designed to cover all the parts of an individual’s drug detoxification. The removal of drug residuals is a key point in drug detox. Without this process drug residues can remain in ones body and cause cravings for years after drug use has ceased. A vital step in a successful drug detox as well as drug rehabilitation is flushing out these accumulated toxic residues so that the individual no longer experiences unwanted adverse effects from the drugs they have taken.

The New Life Detoxification program produces spectacular results and is applicable to all types of drugs including: cocaine, heroin, Valium, PCP, amphetamines (crank, crystal, meth, ecstasy, etc.) alcohol and medicinal drugs such as narcotic painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

Like a fresh stream of crystal clear water, the Purification Program gets rid of the devastating effects of drugs and toxins so they no longer block your clear thinking and enthusiasm for life.

This is a breakthrough discovery that has helped hundreds of thousands lead happier, more perceptive and aware lives.

The Purification® Program is the answer to handle these problems.


  1. On the Purification Program, a person runs for a period each day to get the blood circulating faster and the system warmed up.
  2. Running is followed by sweating out the drug residuals in a sauna. Profuse sweating helps purify the system of toxic substances.
  3. Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals is an important part of this program. Purification Program can improve personality – and IQ!

The dramatic benefits of the Purification Program are illustrated with the Oxford Capacity Analysis personality graphs, above, of two individuals who did the Purification Program.

The dotted line shows test results before the Purification Program, the solid line after. These individuals also had IQ increases of 6 points and 8 points respectively.

The program has been completed by over 250,000 people. It is the only effective program that eliminates the devastating effects of drugs and toxins and is essential to our drug rehab program.

Scientific Studies
The Purification Program used is the same that many New York rescue workers went through after 9/11.

Case Studies from New York rescue workers

Report from Townsend Letter – “The Examiner of Alternative Medicine” on how the health status of rescue workers improved