Cocaine Addiction Information
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cocaineAs reported and even posted on Twitter by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the smuggling techniques of 2014 have gotten quite creative to say the least. The top ten strangest busts of 2014 were tweeted, accompanied by photos of these impressively unusual ways in which smugglers thought they would be getting past U.S. Customs and Border Protection. An examination of this list would pretty much prove that there isn’t anything these guards haven’t seen by now. The twitter sphere, with its retweeting and incessant hash tagging, seemed to have somewhat of a field day with this one.

On August 15, when encountered with two wooden rocking horses, suspicion lead them to finding 29 pounds of cocaine hidden inside. Believe it or not, but discovered in September were barbie dolls containing $52k worth of heroin. In June officers came across 4.5 pounds of a meth filled accordion. Sixty-six bars of soap contained almost nine pounds of opium hidden inside them, as found in a package being shipped from Thailand in September. One particular doozy were the cheese wheels concealing inside of them about two pounds of meth (that’s about $13,000 worth in street value) in April. The irony wasn’t lost on the officer who seized $20,000 worth of marijuana inside of a religious decorative statue in November. In june a strange discovery was made of the 118 pellets of cocaine inside of a batch of cookies at Newark International Airport. A box containing 200 tamales was confiscated for the 7 ounces of cocaine the tamales had packed inside of them in late August at the George Bush International Airport. Both heroin and meth seemed to be tightly shoved into fire extinguishers, as discovered by officers at the Otay Mesa cargo facility in June. One of the more shockingly weird occurrences were the 67 Giant African Snails (damaging/poisonous snails) seized in July at LAX.

There you have it, the infamous list of last year, a collection gathered both simultaneously interesting and hilarious upon inspection. Not only do some of these interactions seem a bit unbelievable, cartoonish and something that might even be involved in scenes on Television series like Breaking Bad or Weeds, but the worst and possibly best part about it is that they’re nonetheless true.

These confiscations seem to exemplify the desperation smugglers seem to be having, which is probably a good sign of the high standards officers working in U.S. Customs and Border Protection have been using. What all of these instances have in common is that they’re all equally surprising, ironic and nonetheless a recurring issue in this country. If this list of top ten strangest seizures tells us anything, it’s that not only are these overly unusual ways in which these guys run contraband thankfully not slipping past the guards and agents watching American borders, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection seems to have an upholding standard that couldn’t even be wavered by heroin filled barbie dolls or a few innocent wheels of cheese.