Cocaine Addiction Information
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italyIn Italy, The Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is about to become ground-breaking with its news of including prostitution, smuggling, and cocaine sales in its report. The GDP is the annual total value of goods produced and services provided in a country. For many years, Italy has been struggling with a large national debt that has become dire straits to cut down. The most shattering revelation about the inclusion of cocaine, prostitution, and smuggling into this is that they are all illegal commodities. All of which, negatively affect the personal lives of many people.

Reasons of Inclusion

One of the major reasons for the inclusion of prostitution, smuggling, and cocaine in the 2014 GDP, is Italy’s current depreciating economic state. The reason that it was not included prior, was a revision that is allowed by new European Union rules. In order to boost their economy and meet deficit targets, Prime Minister Metteo Renzi decided to include cocaine, prostitution, and smuggling into the GDP. One of his main commitments as Prime Minister of Italy has been to knock this deficit down. The deficit target goal was to lower by 2.6 percent in 2014, and the only way to hit this target would be add underground economic portions such as the illegal aforementioned products. So, why are prostitution, smuggling, and cocaine the go-to products for GDP inclusion? These underground products have a very high amount of income in Italy that can be easily added to GDP to hit this 2.6 percent target goal. In fact, they are extremely high grossing products based on knowledge of revenue experts. It’s important to mention that by hitting this goal, Renzi will have a much higher spending ceiling in an economy that has had close to 4 recessions in under 13 years time. Italy is trillions of dollars in debt.

Morality, Legality, and Money

So many negative questions arise due to this shocking inclusion. The first is wondering if this inclusion is the same as an endorsement for prostitution, smuggling and cocaine. All of these are illegal by law in Italy. Cocaine is an illegal and often lethal substance. It is also a highly addictive substance that negatively affects the livelihood of many people. Short-term cocaine use can cause depression, make the user on edge, and provide a craving to get more of the drug. Long-term use of the drug also has its negative effects.  Some users have reported heart failure, blood vessel damage, and psychosis amongst many other issues. If Italy is comfortable adding the presumed percentage of sales of this drug into their GDP, what’s to say that Italian officials won’t become lenient toward sellers? Since these numbers aid in the GDP and take off percentages of national debt, it would not be surprising for higher ranking Italian officials to cut down on security involving busting dealers and sellers of the drug. If this is the case, this would cause chaos and addiction numbers that would be higher than ever.

Effects of this Decision

Typically the GDP would only be able to include items that positively affected its economy. The impact of including cocaine, smuggling, and prostitution into the GDP for Italy, also comes with major consequences. Will this pit drug rehabilitation centers against politicians? Will politicians and national leaders become lenient toward criminals? If this aids in Italy’s debt, will the United States of America and other countries follow suit with doing the same? These are just the first of many questions that will need to be debated and addressed as Italy includes cocaine, prostitution, and smuggling into the GDP.