Cocaine Addiction Information
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shipParents have a lot to worry about when they find out that friends of their kids are using drugs. Whether you learn that there was a major drug bust at your child’s high school or hear about the child of a friend being caught with drugs, it can be scary and overwhelming. What can you do to keep your family safe from these addictive and toxic substances?

The first step is always to get educated. When you understand what drugs are, what they are capable of and where they come from, you can start to take effective action against them. Since cocaine is one of the drugs that many young people across the country are starting to experiment with, it’s a great place to begin your own research.

From Coca Plant to Medical Drug

If you want to figure out where cocaine comes from and how it makes its way to your neighborhood, you have to start with the coca plant. This is a plant that grows in high altitude areas in South America. The people that live in these regions have known for thousands of years that they could get a stimulating feeling from chewing the leaves of this plant. For many years it has been used to give more “energy” to people going about their work, similar to how modern-day workers need their cup of coffee in the morning.

Years later, in the 1800’s, chemists started figuring out how to take the raw coca leaves and synthesize them into something even more powerful. They created a powder that took the stimulant effects of the leaves and made them much more powerful. Doctors all over the world started to take interest in the drug. Even the infamous Sigmund Freud started using the drug himself and widely promoted it as a miracle drug to the rest of the world.

The makers of tonics and elixirs (and other quack medicine products) started mixing cocaine into their secret recipes and selling the mixtures to anyone that had the money to buy them. Cocaine even found its way into the original formula of Coca-Cola. The euphoria and energy that the coca could create were a major part of the drink’s early popularity. While Coca-Cola doesn’t have cocaine in it anymore, there may be a reason that the main slang name for the drug is still “Coke.”

Getting More Dangerous

In the 1970’s, another version of cocaine was created. This form took powdered cocaine and turned it into a hard, rock-like form. This time of cocaine was called “crack cocaine” because of the way the drug was used. Instead of snorting it through your nose (the main method of administration for cocaine), users had to heat up the crack cocaine rocks in a pipe. This created a vapor that the user could then inhale and smoke.

Crack became a major epidemic throughout America, especially in urban areas. At the height of the drug’s popularity, millions of Americans were hooked on the drug. Pregnant women that used it were causing their babies to be born underweight and with deformities. Even today, it is still used throughout the country.

The major problem for most families is that cocaine is not just limited to big cities anymore. Now it is making its way into neighborhoods throughout the country. It is popular even in suburban neighborhoods where ignorant teenagers want to have a way to get high while they party. As a parent, you need to learn everything you can about the drug and the ways that it is abused. By getting this information, you can work to prevent it from harming your family.