Cocaine Addiction Information
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cocaine-effects-deeperIn April this year, a study was published by scientists at Cambridge University.  The findings suggest that abusers of Cocaine lose brain matter at twice the rate of a normal person.  The article, which can be seen at, states that everyone loses brain matter as they age.  The rate is what is striking here.  This is the first study to actually correlate data between cocaine use and loss of brain matter.  What this means is that people who abuse cocaine are much more likely to age faster than their healthy counterparts.  This is frightening, and will assuredly cause more problems for the addict than was already known.  The specific parts of the brain most affected include the prefrontal cortex and the temporal cortex.  These regions of the brain are associated with decision making, attention, and memory.  This does not bode well for anyone suffering from cocaine addiction.

There are many options available to help someone with a drug addiction.  There are treatment programs ranging from outpatient based to long-term programs which can last up to a year.  Cocaine is a very addictive substance, and as such, I do not recommend an outpatient based program.  There is little supervision in these, as you show up on your own on a daily or weekly basis.  I have been to 12 Step based rehabilitation programs, and my biggest issue with them is that they do not address the body.  When someone takes in drugs, tiny pieces of the drug are broken down and trapped within the body.  I had great success with a longer term program which did address the body.  If you would like more information on this, or have someone you know that needs help, please look at Narconon Arrowhead.  Or, feel free to call (888) 816-0667.