Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine may be thought of as the party drug from the seventies, and not really that much of a threat today. However currently there are 1.5 million Americans that use Cocaine at least once a month. The actual numbers could be much higher. Studies in the past have postulated that cocaine is not addictive, yet in controlled tests laboratory animals have taken enough consistent hits to kill themselves. That trend is also true for us humans as well since the most E.R. visits nationally are from cocaine over doses. One of the reasons for this is the mixing of cocaine and other drugs such as heroin, coke users are also likely to consume alcohol, this produces a highly lethal mix in the body.

Cocaine users can come from all walks of life and may hold highly prestigious positions in a company or in the community. Often people try this drug in a social setting, and believe that they are in complete control of their use. It doesn’t take long before the drug has a toehold in their life and they begin to lose the things that mattered most to them prior to the addiction. In fact as the addiction progresses, they will lose their jobs, families, and friends. Soon all that is left is the drug, and higher and higher doses are required to get the high that they feel that they need to function.

While under the effects of cocaine users can feel that they are operating on a higher level that they were before, they feel in control. They can also feel violent and paranoid. Cocaine also raises blood pressure to unsafe levels; some users have suffered a stroke after using. Long term use also can have a dangerous effect on the cardiovascular system; this is the heart and the arteries.

People that are in the grip of an addiction to cocaine may mortgage their home, steal from their company, or even sell their own children to be able to pay to get more of the drug. The way cocaine works is by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain giving a euphoric feeling that can last 2 to 3 hours. Immediately afterward the user has a crash, any attempts to detox on their own can leave abusers depressed and suicidal. That is the reason that if you or a loved one find that this drug has taken control over life as you know it, seeking treatment is the only way to save a life. By the time that the abuse problem is so well established that it is noticeably ruining life, a treatment facility is the best way to attain sobriety and to return to normal.

Movies have glamorized this dangerous drug, and many people fail to see the danger that is inherent in any substance addiction. With cocaine a user may buy enough in his mind to tide himself over, and find that every bit purchased was used the same night that it was obtained. Because of the media loved ones may not see the risk to a user’s life, they may think that it’s not a big deal, and they will get tired of that lifestyle and stop on their own. If you or a loved one is abusing cocaine, there may be a funeral, before that happens. There is a consideration to be had that this is an illegal substance and stiff penalties, including loss of reputation and jail time Also the abuse does leave long term effects on the body, so time is of the essence when someone you know, or you personally, have an addiction to this drug.

It is very important that if you or someone that you care for is addicted to this drug to seek out help. Even if the resolve to stop the addiction is strong, the urge to use may be stronger. In a Rehab, there are people that are trained to help an addict come to terms with the addiction and become healed from it. There is also the safety of being in a supportive environment. While you are there you know that using is not an option. When you are not in a safe place and the drug is a phone call away it is very easy to slip back into old habits. A rehabilitation center offers life coping skills as well so that you are able to rejoin life with the skills needed to be successful and enjoy your life.

A person that is addicted to cocaine may be resistant to going to rehab, there is fear that they will lose all their friends, friends that also abuse drugs. Or they may be afraid that they will not be able to live without the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to. A quality rehabilitation center will be able to guide the addicted person, so that they can reach the point where living a drug free life is the only life that they want.

It is possible to return to life after an addiction to cocaine, and the odds of that happening are not as unlikely as winning the lottery. There is a way home for everyone. While there is life there is hope, and hope can bring them back. Get help today if you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction.