North Korean Drug Trafficking Could Be Funding Military Operations

For many years now the North Korean military regime has been suspected of illegal drug trafficking. According to a briefing released by the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, the North Korean expansion of opium-poppy cultivation reported in late summer of 1993 was believed to be linked to the intensified efforts of the late Kim Il-sung and his son, current North Korean President Kim Chong-il, to acquire hard currency. The document goes on to say that some reporting has charged that the establishment of a North Korean opium-processing plant was intended to produce heroin and morphine for sale and distribution by North Korean citizens living abroad, particularly in Japan.
Additionally, the abstract of a Congressional Research Service Document distributed by the Penny Hill Press states that at least thirty documented incidents, many involving arrest or detention of North Korean diplomats, link North Korea to drug trafficking. The AP also released a story on former North Korean military herbal doctor Hur Chang Girl, who stated, "Each province in the North has its own opium farm and the Workers' Party controls the growing of opium and its export and uses the revenues as its operating funds."
The extent of North Korea’s opium operation hasn’t been fully investigated by the U.S., at least nothing has been released to the public. The substantial increase in the use of heroin and other opiate derivatives over the last decade amounts to big money some place, and the recent terrorist attacks, military maneuvers and threats of war could very easily be the result of that increase.
The fact that drug use sponsors terrorism was unveiled with the Al-Queda links of trafficking and the subsequently seized assets by the Federal Government. It should come as no surprise then since the majority of the hostility and corruption within our own boarders is caused by drug use or the profits from drug sales. Why would it be different outside the United States?
There is an obvious pattern here; drugs are the primary cause of planetary disturbances. Mind-altering substances, whether legal or illegal, disrupt a person’s beingness and destroy ethics and morals. If we can knock out the demand, the supply will be null and void and our government can focus on actually taking care of the people that pay for it. There won’t be a threat of war, health care costs would go down, there wouldn’t be a shortage of domestic and foreign peace keepers, divorce rate would drop sharply as well as the unemployment rate, children would have both parents while growing up and would actually graduate from high school. This isn’t a dream world or a utopia, it is simply how the world would easily operate if the majority of our planetary population would focus efforts on eradicating substance abuse.
There is at least one organization dedicated to this task: Narconon Arrowhead. Narconon Arrowhead is a drug rehabilitation and education program part of an international network that uses the workable methodology developed by American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

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