New Hope for Future of Drug Rehabilitation

CANADIAN, OK…The Narconon International Science Advisory Board met Saturday at the organization’s largest residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Narconon Arrowhead. Among the attendees was State Senator Gene Stipe, former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General Emery Johnson and Keith Miller, President of the Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education (FASE), as well as other doctors and researchers from around the country.. The meeting was co-chaired by the President of Narconon International, Clark Carr and Bob Graves, Director of Government Affairs for Criminon International and founder of e-Republic, Inc.
The purpose for these professionals to come together was to capture the necessary data and release studies to top legislators so that other programs that are looking for answers can begin to use the Narconon Program as their treatment modality. There is no question as to whether the Narconon Program works, using L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehabilitation methodology, it’s just a matter of people realizing that real, workable solutions need to be implemented. This includes more residential treatment centers for private individuals, out-patient centers, half-way houses, government-run programs, prisons, juvenile programs and age-appropriate, multi-generational prevention and awareness campaigns to get into every sector of communities to handle all of the drug problem. Done correctly, this surge of effective solutions will wind up saving billions of taxpayer dollars from not having to prosecute or incarcerate drug offenders in the future, or have to pay to clean up the destruction left behind in the families of those addicted to drugs.

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