A Mothers Day Dream Come True

One of the strongest bonds known on Earth is one between a Mother and her child. It is heartbreaking when this bond is broken, especially if it’s ripped apart due to drug addiction.
Sharon is the mother of five beautiful, intelligent and talented children, who gave up a lucrative and rewarding profession so that she could spend her life raising them. She wanted them to be healthy, educated and successful. Sharon’s healthy and happy days grew darker though, as her oldest daughter tried to fight addiction and lost since she was 13 years old. It all began by harmless experimentation with marijuana and alcohol, but she then fell into the drug trap battling an addiction to every drug available today.
The mental anguish continued for years. Sharon recounted the frustration for our interview, “Did you ever try to explain to your 67 year-old mother that her first granddaughter isn’t going back to college because she needs to go to a drug rehab? Did you ever stay up all night and watch your child shake with tremors because of heroin withdrawal?
“As her addiction grew worse and worse, my husband and I feared the day when we would get the call that she had landed in jail, or worse – she had died. Thankfully that call never came, but my days, hours and weeks were consumed with finding a solution to my daughter’s drug addiction, which seemed an impossible task.”
One day, their daughter overdosed on heroin and they had to rush her to the emergency room, where she underwent a medical detoxification procedure. Upon release, Sharon’s daughter refused to go to treatment and it was only a matter of time before the drug cravings overcame her and she began to use drugs again.
Sharon and her husband then gave their daughter an ultimatum; she had to get help or they didn’t want anything to do with her. It was a hard decision to make, but the roller coaster of worry and pain couldn’t continue any longer.
Meanwhile, the couple started researching drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs around the country. They ended up deciding on a non-traditional program called Narconon Arrowhead, especially liking the unique Hubbard sauna detoxification program that eliminated the physical cravings for drugs.
Finally their daughter reached for help and agreed to go to the program they found. Three months later they attended their oldest daughter’s graduation from the Narconon program and they couldn’t believe how much she had changed in attitude and appearance.
“When I first saw her I couldn’t believe my eyes,” says Sharon, “It still makes me well up with tears of joy today because she looked so bright and happy again, just like when she was a little girl. I missed that so much. Having my daughter back was a dream come true and the best Mother’s Day present I could have hoped for.”
Today Sharon’s daughter is living clean and sober and is happily married, thanks to her never-ending determinism and the Narconon program. “I never want any parent to go through the nightmare that I went through with my child and there are millions of us going through it right now,” she exclaimed, “I want to tell you that there is hope.”

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