Methamphetamine Grips The Nation

If you ask someone what the downfall of society is today, “drugs” would be the most widely used answer. It is a proven fact that most major crimes, including rape, murder and robbery, stem from the assailant being under the influence of one drug or another. With the nation’s inmate population now above 2,000,000 and the fact that roughly 80 percent of people jailed or imprisoned are directly or indirectly the result of drugs or alcohol, there is no doubt that a large portion of them come from the alarming presence of methamphetamine use and manufacturing.
For the past seven years the number of methamphetamine laboratory seizures have increased exponentially across the nation. From Washington State to Florida and all throughout the Midwest, states are reporting yet another case of meth lab busts doubling or even tripling over the previous year.
The easily obtained, yet highly toxic ingredients in methamphetamine manufacturing and the mobility of the labs make it difficult for law enforcement officials to track down a high percentage of potential busts. Even when these labs are tracked down and the manufacturers arrested, the toxic chemicals used in the process are hazardous and cost thousands to be properly disposed of.
Repeat offenders may be the most disturbing situation, though, as it’s not uncommon for someone to get arrested for manufacturing or for possession several times before finally being prosecuted on the first charge. This frequent occurrence has left some lawmakers and district attorneys baffled as to whether or not they could be stopped. Apathy often sets in for law enforcement and prosecutors and many feel that meth addicts cannot be rehabilitated, but that’s not the case as there are workable solutions available.
New Drug, Old Problem
The truth is the drug epidemic that is now posing a threat to us all is not a new problem. Back in the 1960’s as the increased use of drugs in America hit a new plateau of acceptability, one of the early anti-drug crusaders, American author/researcher and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The acceleration of widespread use of drugs such as LSD, heroin, cocaine, ‘angel dust,’ marijuana and a long list of others has contributed heavily to a debilitated society. The drug scene is planet-wide. It is swimming in blood and human misery.” It was this observation and grave concern that motivated Mr. Hubbard to spend the better part of the next 20 years researching effective antidotes to treat drug addiction.
One recipient of that research was Bobby Newman, who was addicted to crank, as meth is sometimes called. Mr. Newman was fortunate enough to get rehabilitated through the Narconon® Program. Before Narconon, he too thought that he couldn’t overcome the meth addiction and lifestyle. “I just lost all motivation to do anything,” Bobby recounts of his past.
Starting with alcohol in high school, Bobby added to his substance abuse by smoking marijuana in college, where he terminated his football scholarship and academic achievement due to his usage of drugs. Shortly after then he was introduced to methamphetamines, and his legal problems increased with his habit. Bobby was in and out of jail and the “drunk tank” on numerous occasions. Regarding the amount of trouble he caused while on these substances, Bobby said, “I just can’t believe the completely stupid things I did back then. At the time I just thought I was ‘having fun,’ but instead I hurt a lot of people in the process”.
After many years of substance abuse, Bobby was facing seven years in prison and $300,000 in fines when he finally realized he should get some help.
An Effective Solution
What the majority of people, including teenagers experimenting with drug use, don’t know is that drug residues store in the fatty tissue of a person’s body. This means that they do not simply ‘go away’ when the drug’s immediate affects and withdrawal symptoms wear off. These drug residues can remain stored in the body for many years after use stops. Some of the residues get released back into the blood stream and cause drug cravings and other continued harmful effects, such as impaired memory and senses.
Most ‘traditional’ treatment programs do not address the physical craving issue and the relapse rate sometimes gives full rehabilitation a bad rap. Through the Narconon program, Bobby was able to eliminate the physical cravings for the drugs through the sauna detoxification portion of the program. In this innovative solution developed by Mr. Hubbard in the late 1970’s, an individual is able to rid his body of all of the old drugs and other toxic residues that have been stored in the body for years.
Once the physical cravings are overcome, then an individual can continue on to handled the underlying issues that led to his drug use to start with. Many educational tools teaching valuable life skills are essential for a former addict to remain clean.
Through the Narconon program, Bobby was able to rid himself of the addiction completely and overcome his legal issues as well. “I couldn’t believe how much control over my life I was able to get back after going through it,” recalls Newman, “So many of my friends had gone to traditional treatment centers for a month or so and I’d wind up seeing them cooking [meth] right after they got out.”
Prevention Is The Key
It is no longer a secret in this world that if the problem of drug addiction is to be solved, a vital factor in the equation has to be effective prevention. Without drug prevention and education we will continually be trying to catch up on the rehabilitation or law enforcement side. Upon completion of his full rehabilitation, Bobby Newman felt he had a new life and wanted to give back to society by working with Narconon Arrowhead as one of their Drug Prevention Specialists. With well over two years now of being completely drug-free, Bobby is happy and productive as he talks to students, teachers and other professionals about the true dangers of drugs and alcohol and how they affect the mind and the body. He enjoys combating some of the misinformation about drugs that led him to his addiction 15 years ago.
One key pamphlet that helps to rid false information about drugs is called the “10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs” booklet. This booklet is filled with interesting facts about drugs and addiction, such as the residues storing in the body. You can download a free copy of this booklet at

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