“Manualized Treatment” is Cutting Edge in Drug Rehabilitation

CANADIAN, OK - Our society is plagued by numerous maladies and antisocial behavior. It seems as if there are new diagnoses for different human emotions and reactions every year, and along with that comes another prescription to supposedly handle the “illness”. The pharmaceutical industry is another story in itself, with the multi-billion dollar advertising campaigns and skyrocketing costs for prescriptions. In the face of it all, there is a treatment model that is gaining recognition as being a valuable tool in handling many conditions, it is called “manualized treatment.”
“Manualized treatment” is actually fairly simple. It means that there is a set protocol of actions and if you follow that series of steps then a particular result can be expected. This concept is appearing in more cases to handle many social and psychological maladies. One example is in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. CARF (The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission) recently surveyed Narconon Arrowhead, which is the largest residential treatment facility in the state of Oklahoma and one of the largest in the United States. CARF granted Narconon Arrowhead another 3-year accreditation, which is the highest level it offers.
Dedicated to promoting excellence in the industry for decades, CARF had this to say about the Narconon Program: “As the alcohol and other drug treatment industry moves toward the use of ‘Manualized Treatment,’ Narconon Arrowhead has already taken steps to operate under these premises. Having a clearly defined product delivery system, Narconon has gathered an extensive working history of this system of delivery for substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation…There is [also] abundant documentation of the activities, trends, and outcomes of all activities presented to the persons served, as well as the vigilant review system that ensures consistency with the product being delivered – the recovery program.”
The Narconon® network is currently operating in 31 countries with more than 120 licensed groups that have delivery programs ranging from drug prevention to full residential rehabilitation. The network has tripled in the last five years and continues to grow due to the results of the program and the amount of people being freed from the ravages of drug addiction. The program demonstrates the workability of the drug-free social education model and is based on the works of American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, who dedicated thirty years to research in the field of drug rehabilitation.

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