Former Public Health Officials Speak Out About Substance Abuse Epidemic

The nation’s number one health problem is receiving some attention from former Public Health officials. C. Everett Koop was the U.S. Surgeon General from ’81-’89 and recently spoke at an innovative addiction treatment meeting sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Johns Hopkins University (Reuters). Koop accused federal leaders of placing too much emphasis on the law enforcement side of substance abuse and not enough on the treatment and prevention side, though the Drug Enforcement Agency has expanded its demand reduction efforts across the country.
Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, retired, Dr. Emery Johnson has also put forth many efforts to fight substance abuse and endorse effective treatment. Dr. Johnson has been involved with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as well in its efforts to reduce the substance abuse epidemic through grant-making projects.
One treatment program that continues to expand and help more in need is the Narconon® Program. With multiple locations in the U.S. delivering effective education and rehabilitation services and operations in 33 countries worldwide, the center of the Narconon network is Narconon Arrowhead, located in Southeast Oklahoma.
Dr. Johnson speaks highly of this program and has said, “True rehabilitation means the repairing and reclaiming of broken lives and relationships; the commitment to mend these broken lives is clearly evident at Narconon.” Johnson continued to comment by saying, “The facilities at Narconon Arrowhead have set a new standard for the rehabilitation field.”

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