Drug Rehabilitation Making Headway

CANADIAN, OK...With the United States' trend toward rehabilitation rather than the already proven failure of incarceration to fight substance abuse, the government and families of addicts are demanding results from treatment centers. Though many good things can be said for more traditional programs, one unique organization called Narconon is setting a precedent in the drug rehabilitation and prevention industry and creating a new standard.
Narconon literally means "narcotics-none" and was founded by a former heroin addict named William Benitez in Arizona State Prison in 1966. 36 years later, Narconon is still considered a new, proven approach to ending addiction through the drug rehabilitation methodology of L. Ron Hubbard. This program is totally drug-free and it consists of communication and confront exercises, sauna detoxification to rid the body of the old drug residues and a series of courses that empower former addicts through cognitive life skills therapy.
Narconon Arrowhead, the network's largest center, is located in Southeastern Oklahoma on Lake Eufaula in Canadian. This location is also Narconon's International Training Center, where groups and individuals learn the specialized techniques of delivering the Narconon Program. According to Narconon Arrowhead's President, Luke Catton, "The practical workability of Narconon's social education model continually achieves extremely high success rates for helping individuals to overcome their addiction and become happy, ethical and productive members of society while remaining stably drug-free." One recent International Trainee has just opened Narconon Bombay in India after spending more than six months at Arrowhead learning the Narconon methodology.
The Narconon network, now comprised of over 100 rehabilitation and prevention programs in 30 countries around the world and is expanding at an astonishing rate. New Narconon rehabilitation centers are being established in Michigan, Florida, New York, Washington DC, Indiana, Hawaii, as well as Melbourne Australia, Calgary Canada, Johannesburg, South Africa, Krasnoyarsk, Russia and Budapest, Hungary. Drug prevention groups and centers are opening in 9 cities across the United States with an additional 20 new cities across the globe. In addition, a number of existing rehabilitation centers are working in collaboration with Narconon to implement the Narconon program within their facility, including locations in Phoenix, Seattle, Houston, Washington, Idaho and many communities throughout California.

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