Drug Rehab Adds Financial Stability in Community

CANADIAN, OK – One of the nation’s largest and most successful residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education centers is doing more than it’s share to help the local community. Beyond delivering outreach educational and prevention programs to students and adults and assisting individuals to receive high quality effective treatment, Narconon Arrowhead also has a major positive impact on the local economy.
Based on a study issued by Micro Economics, Ltd. out of St. Louis, MO, it was found that Narconon Arrowhead added an estimated $8 million in additional sales to the local environment. This includes the organization’s direct spending, the spending of staff and visitors as well as induced spending. It has also helped by adding more than 300 jobs in the local market through direct and induced employment. Another result of these impressive figures for southeastern Oklahoma is that it has increased area income by approximately $6.5 million.
Narconon Arrowhead grew an average of nearly %30 over the last two years, and estimated figures of total economic impact at capacity will mean an additional 100 or more jobs directly and indirectly as well as several million dollars more in spending and income.
According to Gary Smith, Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead, “We have continued to expand at a greater rate over the last few years than we projected and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.” This growth surpasses the projected estimates of the economic impact as well.
Narconon of Oklahoma, Inc. has been operating in the state for 13 years, and in 2002 provided educational lectures to over 40,000 children and adults in and around the state, as well as rehabilitation services to 748 individuals from 43 states and six foreign countries. In addition to this large area of service were 48 no-charge beds to indigent individuals last year. These services were provided without any state funding and Smith says they don’t plan to change this pattern. In fact, the program is working to secure outside funding from donors or corporate sponsors so that more services can be provided to those who are in need of substance abuse treatment and who would be better served in an alternative treatment program such as is delivered at Narconon Arrowhead.
Oklahoma Representative Ray Miller (D-Whitefield), who has been a supporter of Narconon Arrowhead’s efforts exclaimed, “At a time where money is tight throughout the nation and most states face enormous budget cuts that limit services for those in need, it is organizations like this that truly are a blessing.”
Narconon Arrowhead is the cornerstone of an international network of rehabilitation and education organizations using the life-saving technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, now totaling more than 120 groups in 33 countries.

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