A Mom’s Success Story

I am the mother of five beautiful, intelligent and talented children. I gave up a lucrative and rewarding profession so that I could spend my life raising my children. I wanted to be part of every moment of their lives. As every mother does, I made plans. Those plans were for my spouse and myself and of course, our children. We want them to be healthy, educated and successful.
Did you ever try to explain to your 67-year-old mother that her first granddaughter isn’t going back to college because she needs to go to a drug rehab because she is addicted to heroin?
Did you ever stay up all night and watch your child shake with tremors because of heroin withdrawal?
Did you ever spend the day in the emergency room checking your child into a medical detox unit?
Did you ever ask one of your other children to help you physically carry her sister to the car so that you could drive her to the hospital because she had overdosed on heroin?
Did you ever spend the entire day on the telephone trying to find a rehab suitable for your child that your hospitalization covers?
Did you ever get into your car and drive seven hours straight without stopping to prevent another relapse?
If the answer is yes to any of the above sentences, you need to continue to read….
My days, hours weeks were consumed with finding a solution to my daughter’s drug addiction, which seemed an impossible task. My daughter fought her addiction and lost since she was 13 years old. It all began by harmless experimentation with marijuana and alcohol but she then fell into the drug trap battling an addiction to every drug available today.
As her addiction grew worse and worse, my husband and I feared the day when we would get the call that she had landed in jail, or worse – she had died. Thankfully that call never came. In July of 2001 we gave her an ultimatum – either she seek treatment or we could no longer have anything to do with her. For 2 months after she was ‘out there’ doing whatever she could to get high. I have never been that scared in my life. In August she finally agreed to go into treatment.
Thanks to the Narconon® Program my daughter has been clean for over a year and a half. She is happy and functioning and for the first time in a long time, she is stable.
I never want any parent to go through the nightmare that I went through with my child and there are millions of us going through it right now. I am writing this to tell you that there is hope. Today, I can honestly say that I have my daughter back.

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