Cocaine Addiction Information
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There is another trigger in cocaine abuse and addiction, according to a new study published in Psychopharmacology.  Researchers at Rutgers University Behavioral and systems Neuroscience facility have made a breakthrough with their experiments. Their findings give a new dimension in why cocaine addicts go on binges – and the reason is not to chase the high.

Abusers Avoid the Lows

Experiments at the Rutgers facility have shown surprising results in regards to cocaine users. It turns out that cocaine users might be going on binges not to chase the high, but to overcome the emotional lows that come when the drug wears off. New animal testing shows that the positive, euphoric feelings after taking cocaine do not last very long, and the emotional low experienced afterward may be causing users to seek the drug again.

In the study, researchers noted the high-pitched calls of laboratory rats when they were allowed to self-administer cocaine at the beginning of a six-hour binge. After this, the internal drug levels of the rats were lifted and the high-pitched calls ended, even though the cocaine usage remained at the same level for several hours. Researchers believe this is because the rats were experiencing both positive and negative emotions. Only when the drug levels in the rats fell below the desired level did any calls return; they emitted low-pitched calls caused by negative emotions. The high-pitched, positive calls were all emitted in the first 35-40 minutes after the drug was initially taken, according to doctoral student David Barker from the Department of Psychology at the university. After that, if the rats were kept at their desired level, no calls were emitted at all.

If the animal studies were a reflection of human emotion, it shed light on cocaine addictions. Here are five of the main reasons cocaine users go on binges:

  • To avoid the emotional strain of withdrawal effects
  • To maintain a high
  • Peer Pressure
  • Environmental Pressure
  • To escape emotional issues in life

While humans and rats differ physiologically and intellectually, the effects of the drugs on rats do shed light on the abuse and addiction of cocaine.

Pamphlet on Drugs Released by Narconon Arrowhead Ties into Study

A new information booklet has been released by Narconon Arrowhead geared toward raising awareness about addiction. The pamphlet is called “The Truth About Becoming Addicted,” a fully illustrated graphic information booklet about the effects of drugs on the body and how someone becomes addicted. This educational pamphlet covers a wide range of subjects, including why a person may turn to drugs, how different drugs poison the body and cause deterioration of health and wellness, how addiction causes one to withdraw from intimate relationships, responsibilities, and life in general, and how a person can overcome the addiction and once again live a happy life full of meaning.

This pamphlet was released in efforts to educate family members who might have a loved on suffering from an addiction. Without the proper knowledge, a person might not know where to start on the road to getting help or seeking help for someone else. Simple questions like “why don’t they just quit” show a lack of knowledge about the power an addiction can have on a person.

Narconon Arrowhead is a non-profit organization specializing in rehabilitation services for those addicted to substances. Based on the principles of L. Ron Hubbard, Narconon helps individuals fully address their addiction problem, overcome the personal damage the drugs have caused, and get back control of their lives to once again be happy, positive members of society.

Drug binges are common, especially with cocaine addiction but knowing the reasons why can help loved ones and family members make educated decisions on treating the problem and helping an addicted person to overcome it. For more information or to download our free pamphlet see our press release at: –


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