Cocaine Addiction Information
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drugsNot only is cocaine a powerfully addictive drug, making it sought out by people at all strata of society, its high profit and demand make it big business for dealers. Law enforcement agents have to be adept at uncovering clandestine establishments for cocaine sales. Here are five places known for cocaine sales.


It is a well-known fact in the drug community that hotel concierges are usually more than willing to supply cocaine to visitors who know how to ask. Hotel chains like Hampton Inn and Doubletree will likely only give blank stares if asked, but beachfront establishments in places like Miami are accustomed to supplying celebrities and upper-class visitors with drugs. Cocaine addicts afraid of airport security usually rely on the supply upon arrival. This can be pricey, however, as concierges typically expect a large bribe.

Airport Transportation

Security may be tight within the airport, but cocaine addicts can meet up with narcotic peddlers in the car. Taxi drivers are often more than willing to make easy money on cocaine sales, or escort customers to the closest drug dealer (for a hefty tip). Street-savvy addicts know how to negotiate, but most cab drivers have mastered the art of swindling since they know they will never see their customers again.

Behind the Bar

While most club-goers bring their own drugs from home, newcomers may seek help from the typical go-to: the bartender. Under cover of huge crowds, loud music, flashing lights and a managerial staff, tapsters are often more than willing to make side cash selling cocaine (among other drugs). And even if bartenders are not selling, chances are that they know someone who is. If given a big enough tip, they’ll provide the hook-ups.


In the right establishments, cocaine may be available off the menu. In fact, more and more food vendors across the country are being convicted of cocaine sales. Take the case of David Bond Jr. in Indiana last week. Police arrested Bond after finding large quantities of cocaine being sold out of his barbecue food truck.


While the information highway is a wonderful means to connect with people around the world, in the case of drug trafficking, it makes things very complicated.

A number of online websites–including the well-known Silk Road–allow visitors to buy and sell drugs online. Addicts can order cocaine online and have it shipped to their front door through the US Postal System.

The websites use Bitcoins, a form of currency that is digital and untraceable. Silk Road has been called the Amazon of drug dealing.

What to Do if You See Someone Selling Drugs

If you suspect that an establishment or someone you know is selling drugs, look for the following signs that typically indicate the sale of controlled substances:

• Stop and go traffic.
• Customers who aren’t your everyday, normal citizens. They will likely have the appearance of an addict–desperate, blood-shot eyes; a nervous, antsy demeanor; and a covert manner about them.
• Customers being driven to the establishment by another person who remains in the car.

Keep in mind, however, that appearances can be deceiving, and many of the customers may seem to be fairly normal. Drug dealers and addicts often use innocuous-looking people like grandparents to drive them to such places, as it acts as the perfect disguise. Illicit drug use and sales are not biased when it comes to race, religion or creed.

If you suspect that something strange is going on, do not hesitate to call your local police department and ask to speak with a Narcotics Officer. You are perfectly within your right to make an anonymous call in order to protect your environment.