Cocaine Addiction Information
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lady reflectingCocaine is one of the most powerful and most popular drugs in circulation in the world today. It’s a stimulant or “upper.” It creates a powerful euphoria and false rush of energy that makes the user think that he can do or accomplish anything. The drug is often snorted in its powdered form, so it quickly enters the blood stream and reaches the brain within minutes. Cocaine users fall hard for the drug, and hundreds of thousands of new addicts are created every year.

In order to treat cocaine addiction, treatment centers need to understand the drug and include several effective components. Here are five of the components that make cocaine drug rehab successful.

1. The Right Staff

The first (and arguably most vital) component of cocaine drug rehab is caring, professional and highly trained staff.  Without good staff, it really isn’t possible to get clients off of cocaine in any amount of time. Staff of any effective rehab center need to understand what cocaine addicts are going through and the hard work that will be needed to get them clean again.

The staff at Narconon Arrowhead, for example, are trained to be the leaders in their field when it comes to getting addicts off of cocaine. They have successfully worked with thousands of clients. One of the secrets of this effective rehabilitation is that the staff really care about seeing their clients get well again.

2. Full Detoxification

The main reason that most rehab centers fail to actually get their clients permanently sober is that they don’t know the keys to fully detoxifying the body. This is accomplished through a revolutionary sauna program at Narconon Arrowhead. The sauna program allows the body to actually break down and release the built-up residues of drugs that have been sitting around in every addict’s body for years. When these drug residues are never released, it is impossible for the addict to every really escape from his drug urges.

3. Exercise and Proper Nutrition

The body of any cocaine addict will be damaged from his years of neglecting proper nutrition and exercise. He will have been artificially creating “energy” by using drugs for so long that he might not even remember the real way to do so. Effective rehabs like Arrowhead help their clients get onto a proper dietary regimen of lean protein and lots of veggies so that their bodies can begin to rebuild. All clients exercise, as well, so that their muscles and circulatory systems can start to work correctly once again.

4. Life Skills Courses to Learn How to Live without Drugs

Most addicts have been using cocaine for so many years that they don’t actually remember how to live without it. Life skills courses are needed to teach these addicts how to live moral lives again. Communication courses also help teach the clients at Arrowhead how to effectively talk to family members, friends and even strangers so that they always know how to handle any drug-related situation in the future.

5. Thorough Aftercare

No rehab program for cocaine can be effective without aftercare. This is the process of helping the graduates of a program to continue to stay off of drugs after they leave the care of the rehab center. Arrowhead contacts its graduates frequently to help with anything they need in their post-rehab lives. With constant communication, support and care, Arrowhead graduates are part of a nation-leading success rate. When they have a rehab center like this, there is no reason to ever use drugs again.


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