Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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There is no doubt that cocaine is a very potent and addictive stimulant drug substance that has effectively destroyed the health and lives of many individuals. A recent publication by outlined the many adverse effects cocaine, including:

Cocaine is a stimulant drug substance that affects the central nervous system and produces a euphoric rush, elevated heart rate and increased respiration, among other things. It is extracted from the leaves of the South American coca plant, which has been used as a stimulating drug substance in some form or another for thousands of years. When first extracted, cocaine was intended for use as a painkiller, and it is  [ Read More ]

For decades, cocaine has been known as the drug of choice for celebrities, rich people and the other “movers and shakers” of the world.   It’s not generally thought of as a drug for suburban moms, or middle aged professionals.   Yet in the United Kingdom those are exactly the type of people who a new government study has revealed are still partaking of the cocaine that they enjoyed during their wild  [ Read More ]

For a long time, cocaine has held a reputation as a classier brand of drug. It is sometimes referred to as “the caviar of drugs.”   One factor that has helped it to cement and hold this reputation is the fact that there is a long, long list of celebrities who have either been busted with or have admitted to cocaine use throughout the last several decades.