Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Pretty much everybody knows that excessive sugar intake is unhealthy. However, most of us eat it anyway. Many people claim that this is because they’re “addicted” to sugar and just can’t say no even in the face of its damaging affect on health. In recent decades it has become popular to blame sugar for many ailments, from obesity to more obscurely connected problems like insomnia, bad skin or mood disorders.  [ Read More ]

Professional athletes are no strangers to substance abuse. It has been a long-standing part of the profession, whether the player’s vice of choice be smoking, drinking, using steroids or indulging in illicit drugs. Cocaine and coca leaves, in particular, have been used by athletes since at least the late 1800s. The stimulant has turned up time and again in the hands of professional athletes.

Cocaine comes in two forms, a powder and a crystalline form. The powdered form of cocaine is more expensive and yet less potent than crack cocaine (the crystalline form). In American cities, a rock of crack cocaine can be bought for anything from $10 to $40 depending on size. Powder cocaine is closer to $100 for a hit. Crack cocaine is so called because it makes a crackling, popping sound  [ Read More ]

Around 17 million people in the world are active cocaine users. Most of these are in Europe and North America. That means that these two continents alone are responsible for about 80% of the global cocaine profits, or about $88 billion dollars. Though it’s hard to say exactly how the distribution lines occur, it’s reasonable to assume that the 40+ years cocaine producers have been operating has been ample time  [ Read More ]