Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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For those curious about street drugs, there isn’t always a reliable source of information available. Theoretically one could go to one’s doctor and ask for the information about various illegal substances, but there is a considerable stigma that could put one off from inquiring. If someone is curious about illegal drugs, it’s likely they will find themselves relying on the word of friends, “the internet,” or (worst case) a drug  [ Read More ]

Cocaine has been around for at least 800 years, since the days of the Incas in South America. They called it ‘a gift from the gods;’ today many would call it ‘a terrible idea.’ Here are ten random facts about the powerful plant:

Cocaine is a highly dangerous and addictive drug that affects people of all ages and walks of life. It comes from the coca plant, which is harvested and then turned into a white powder. Users inhale the powder, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream through blood vessels in the nose. They may also rub it on their gums or possibly even inject it, but this carries a significant risk  [ Read More ]

Though cocaine’s anesthetic and vasoconstriction properties has been combined in the past for the treatment of a patient by a physician, it has been found to have no viable medical uses. Not only does it not have any legitimate use for medical purposes but the narcotic drug remains very dangerous. Even a casual recreational use of cocaine has a string of negative effects that come along with it.