Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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There are a host of dangerous side effects associated with the use of cocaine, but the adverse effects the stimulant drug can have on the cardiovascular system are especially harmful, and may even be deadly. Research shows that cocaine use is associated with several different types of cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, myocardial

Under the backbreaking weight of cocaine addiction, many people have found relief through religious treatment.  Some claim that their faith was the only thing that healed them.  When it comes to addiction

Powerful things often come in small packages. Cocaine, a highly addictive and commonly abused illicit stimulant, has held its iron hand around the United States for decades. The drug was responsible for nearly 600,000 emergency room visits in 2006. Approximately 2.1 million people were using coke in 2007. And while the country is

In the United States as a whole, cocaine has a reputation of being an extremely dangerous illicit drug, but for young people in the Republic of Malta and many other countries overseas, there is little belief that occasional cocaine use presents a high risk to their well-being. According to a recent Eurobarometer survey on young people