Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Cocaine, known as “the caviar of street drugs” due to its high price and status-heavy reputation, is a powerful stimulant that can have severe adverse effects on the brain, heart, lungs and blood vessels. Many frequent cocaine users quickly become addicted to the drug, putting themselves at risk for long-term and life-threatening

The cocaine market has seen a massive dive in prices over the last thirty years, dropping nearly 90 percent. Not many drugs have seen such a massive reduction. What is the reason behind this shocking statistic? Here are three reasons cocaine prices are going down. From Mom and Pop to Big Business Prior to the 1980’s, cocaine was a

The risk-reward ratio of drug smuggling makes it a complicated career choice. Not only does a smuggler risk heavy jail time, drug mules risk their lives by swallowing dangerous substances that have the potential to kill them. Cocaine being a staple along narcotic superhighways, it is no wonder that drug traffickers find

When professional golfer Dustin Johnson took a leave of absence for “personal reasons,”the media decided to connect its own dots and reported that he had been suspended by the PGA Tour due to a failed drug test. He recently tested positive for