Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Cocaine is said to be found on nearly 90% of all paper bills in America. 7 years ago it was estimated to be found on 67% of bills, so 90% is a huge increase in that time frame. Also, consider that the U.S. Mint is constantly printing new bills and figure that pretty much anyone that’s ever handled currency has probably had coke on their hands in some minute way.

Cocaine is one of the most widely abused psychoactive drugs of this era. It was once known as the caviar of drugs, having only been used by the highest classes. Nowadays marijuana is the most popular (it is even legal in some states and medical facilities). However, cocaine still remains one of the most abused. There are several reasons for cocaine abuse that stretch beyond the mood of the user.  [ Read More ]

Music is one of the most influential thing in our society, especially among the younger generation. Today is a day of the party culture. The most popular songs tell stories about wild nights with drinking and drugs as casually as if they were talking about what they had for dinner on the previous night. With such a push toward partying and living life without worries or cares, there is understandably  [ Read More ]

Cocaine is the drug that Tony Montana put on the map. The white, usually powdered drug is associated with cartels, Colombia, American Psycho and Eric Clapton, and it reached its peak popularity in the mid 1980’s. It’s currently losing popularity as a drug, but does it matter? Is the decline significant?