Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Cocaine is a stimulant drug used by hundreds of thousands of Americans. As a culture, we seem to have a strong affinity for drugs that give us a chemical “pick-me-up.” It’s why so many Americans drink coffee. It’s why the energy drink business is one of the fastest growing areas of commerce in the world. We all seem to want that “edge” that will make us feel awake and alive.

Today’s most prominent problem is drugs. Drug usage is increasing throughout the world, especially in America, Britain, and Australia. The United States witnessed a boom in the pharmaceutical fraud (doctor shopping, fake prescriptions, etc.) at the turn of the century. Over prescribing drugs has led to a nation that has more than half of their citizens on drugs for one condition or another. Many of the illicit drugs that receive  [ Read More ]

Coca-Cola is already one of the largest, if not the largest, beverage company in the world. Advertisements made by Coca-Cola seem almost unnecessary, so why would the company risk its image by publishing controversial advertisements? The new Coca-Cola advertisements found in New York contain various slogans about New Yorkers with the tag line “You’re on Coke.”

Cocaine is a psychoactive drug that reacts with the chemicals in the brain. While cocaine is not as hard on the body and other substances, such as methamphetamine, it still has very addictive properties. Many people addicted to cocaine go on binges for various reasons. First off, cocaine is a natural drug, meaning it is plant-based and not created in a lab. Because of this, the body filters through the  [ Read More ]