Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Drug habits eventually kill their victims. Without the proper care, a drug habit will ultimately be fatal, no matter the person or the drug. Such is true of rock star Michael Hutchence. During a custody battle with the mother of his child, Michael took his own life while under the influence of drugs. The details were recently revealed by Australian detectives.

One of the ways to combat drug abuse in America is to figure out where the drugs are coming from and then clamp down on the suppliers. For example, one growing area of drug abuse in our country is prescription drug abuse. In order to prevent Americans from abusing these prescription pain pills, you have to figure out what pills are being abused and then find ways to prevent them  [ Read More ]

It is widely known that one of the signs of addiction is the person’s withdrawal from family and friends, and the abandonment of the social activities, sports and other areas of interest which were an important part of the person’s life before drugs became the all-consuming focus of life.

Even the stars of the stage and screen have their own demons. Philip Seymour Hoffman was recently found dead in his apartment with a needle in his arm. According to more recent reports, heroin and cocaine are suspect in the actor’s death. Police found bags of heroin in the home, marked with the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Spades, as well as cocaine on Hoffman’s person. Now, officials  [ Read More ]