Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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cocaine use

Yes, you read that right. A new study found astounding results about the chocolate and cream treat. It turns out that America’s favorite milk-dunking goodie, Oreos, are as addictive as cocaine. The study was completed by a research team at Connecticut College. In several experiments with lab rats, the researchers found that the rats were as drawn to Oreo cookies as they were to cocaine. And, like us, they loved  [ Read More ]


A new study produces astounding results linking cocaine usage to HIV contraction. Published in the October edition of Journal of Leukocyte Biology, the study found that cocaine use may affect the immune system cells that increase susceptibility to contract the virus. Cocaine was also found to boost the spread of the virus through the body by attacking and weakening certain immune cells, rendering the body unfit and unable to fight.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently published a report on their website that shows a trend of kids starting to use drugs at earlier ages. In the report they interview a young girl from Winnipeg that says her cocaine use started on her 14th birthday. If 14-year-old kids doing coke doesn’t seem alarming enough, when interviewed the students seem to think that this is a normal occurrence. Is this an  [ Read More ]

To answer the question of, ‘is it likely for a cocaine addict to use in rehab one has to take a closer look. It should be a look at cocaine addiction, and look at what an addict experiences when they stop using cocaine