Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found a correlation between Cocaine abuse and ageing in the brain.  As seen on the image to the left, the brain of an abuser of Cocaine has a much larger area of his/her brain affected.  This means their brain physically looks like the brain of a much older person.  Physiological problems including memory loss and a decreased resistance to infection are seen.  Also,  [ Read More ]

In April this year, a study was published by scientists at Cambridge University.  The findings suggest that abusers of Cocaine lose brain matter at twice the rate of a normal person.  The article, which can be seen at, states that everyone loses brain matter as they age.  The rate is what is striking here.  This is the first study to actually correlate data between cocaine use and loss of  [ Read More ]


A recent study by scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory has discovered a link between using cocaine and the degradation of the risk/reward areas of the brain.  Cocaine is a very powerful stimulant on the “CNS”, or Central Nervous System.  The CNS is responsible for all movement in the body, as well as the brain itself.  The study showed hard evidence that those who habitually use cocaine are less likely  [ Read More ]