Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction Information

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No one WANTS to be an addict No one really wants to be a drug addict or alcoholic, but this doesn’t stop people from getting addicted. The question most commonly asked by friends, family and addicts themselves is simply: “How? How did this addiction happen?” And right after that come these questions: “How could my (friend, son, daughter, father, sister, or brother) become a liar, a thief, someone who cannot  [ Read More ]


There are currently millions of U.S. citizens in the prison system for drug possession, criminal activity associated with their need to get drugs or alcohol and for selling drugs and alcohol illegally to support their habit. Many of these millions weren’t born a criminal or even a bad person. Good people from good homes with all the potential available to anyone ending up in prison by the blind staggering drive  [ Read More ]


Many of the millions currently addicted to drugs and/or alcohol will unfortunately end up paying the ultimate price for their enslavement; death. Thousands die every year in the United States from drug or alcohol overdose. Thousands more people die each year from drug and alcohol related physical illness such as sclerosis of the liver, heart failure, kidney failure, pneumonia and many more illnesses that stem directly from the person’s drug  [ Read More ]


Anyone connected to a person addicted to drugs and alcohol, understand the misery they see when they look into the person’s life. The guilt and shame of wrongful deeds and mistakes runs deep in the eyes of those suffering. The degraded emotional state of a person feeling hopeless and helpless and without the ability to effectively manage their life is humiliating and painful. In short, it is easy to observe  [ Read More ]